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My go to foundation choice over the past year has been the Nars Sheer Glow foundation in Siberia. I found it works amazingly for my oily skin and even though it has a light to medium coverage I found it worked amazingly at covering any pigmentation or blemishes that I had. So you're probably wondering why I'm out trying new foundations when clearly I already found the perfect one? Well, as much as I love trying out hundreds of different skincare products, I found this love has slowly started moving over to makeup, but more so foundation.

As a fellow acne sufferer, I found it can be quite hard trying to find a foundation which is thick enough to cover any redness and pigmentation whilst at the same time last all day and look natural. Therefore, to help out others in a similar situation as me, I've made it my job to trial and test and report back for my acne sufferers out there about what foundations I feel work for my skin and which could potentially work for you and make it worth your money.
Now, I'm going to start by saying I've never tried anything from Bobbi Brown before. *shock horror* It was always one of those brands I heard numerous people mention, but kind of looked at it as one of those brands which could essentially work great for another but not technically me. The likes of Lily Pebbles and Anna from The Anna Edit go crazy for Bobbi Brown makeup and after noticing the very sleek, as well as more for your money bottle, as well as the amazing selection of shades (if you're struggling to find your right shade for a new brand and don't have a counter near you, I'd highly recommend going to this website) I took the plunge and deposited away £28 (I had a discount) of money to the Bobbi Brown website.
My favourite part about the Bobbi Brown foundation is that it comes with a pump. Unlike my current Nars one, you have to pay for the pump seperate which can total you to about £35-£36 depending on where you purchase it. What I also like about this foundation is the colour range. For someone who is as pale as me, it isn't always guaranteed that the lightest shade of foundation available is going to match with your skintone, so it was nice to see they had a shade which went past porcelain if that wasn't light enough. Thankfully, the shade porcelain matched me well enough and compared to the consistency of the Nars foundation, this one blended beautifully into my skin and looked a lot more natural due to the consistency being quite runny and thin, which allowed for you to go with the bare minimum or build it to your desired opaqueness.

Have you tried any Bobbi Brown foundations? What are your thoughts?
If you're an avid skincare junkie then you'll be well aware of the famous blackhead charcoal mask that made its rounds a couple of months ago as the best treatment to remove your blackheads other than the Biore blackhead strips. As soon as it hit YouTube I knew I had to give it a go after seeing the results, however, I decided to wait a while for the hype to die down as with most products I try out there that are hyped up I do find they don't always work for my skin. Sadly, this product did just the same.
I ordered my kit from YesStyle for around £15 in total, which also included postage. Inside it came with the sebum softener as step 1, the charcoal mask as step 2 and lastly the pore refining essence as step 3. These all work in conjunction with each other so it is better that you follow the steps through and just don't go straight for the charcoal mask as you may find it won't work as good. For a full how to, watch this video here

When it came to trialling and testing the blackhead removal mask I did find the whole process in itself to be quite time consuming and fiddly. For a kit which is meant to be good at removing blackheads I wasn't surprised to find that it would require more than one step, but having gone through the process twice I did find the Biore blackhead strips to work a lot better for the time and money spent.
After removing the blackhead pore strip which took around 40 minutes in total to dry completely (side note: the box says it should take around 30 minutes, but I waited until it was completely dry for better results) I noticed that barely any of my blackheads had been removed compared to when I use the Biore Pore Strips which work really well on my skin. However, what I did notice was that after I finished the 3-step course with the pore refining essence that my skin was left feeling really soft and smooth. This didn't last for long as after a couple of days I noticed that my skin started becoming dry in the areas that I applied the charcoal mask and it is only now that my skin has started to improve to its original state after using a lot of hydrating products. This was really disappointing after seeing so many people use this mask with the same skin type as me and them having amazing results. However, with having acne-prone skin this could have caused a slight irritation with my skin causing my skin to become dry, so if you're on the look out to try this product I would recommend being extra cautious when using it as you may find your skin becoming extra dry.

Have you tried the blackhead charcoal mask? What are your thoughts on it?
With May upon us and the summer months drawing near, Spring is normally the time when you begin planning your wardrobe for the hotter months - I live in the UK and unfortunately we get about one day of hot weather a year if we are lucky! - but also when this time comes around I tend to find myself screaming at my laptop screen, trying to decide what to buy and whether or not I'm going to see myself wearing it again 6 months later.

So, as the time has come to decide what items in my wardrobe are staying for the next 3 months until September when all the winter clothes will make another appearance, I thought I would make somewhat of a mood board to showcase you what I feel is going to be in this Spring/Summer personally for me.

Now, in terms of colour palette for me personally I find myself really liking whites, pinks and hints of nude here and there - who knew a girl who only wears black could enjoy some pretty colours in her time? Not me! But weirdly enough, I also find myself drawing more towards light and airy types of clothing, mainly both of these dresses. The first dress, which is the pink one from Missguided, would be perfect for throwing on with those patent nude/white flats, a few accessories and being on your way, it could also work for date night. The floral white dress on the otherhand is from Revolve and is a lot more expensive than the Missguided one at £262 - ouch! - but pretty nevertheless, and even though this is good for the day time, I also find that it could work for any events you have coming up such as outdoor parties, christenings or even weddings! 

Also, to keep to my dedicated trend of tight clothing - I find it fits my body shape a lot more - I couldn't go without showcasing a few figure hugging but also slightly slouchy pieces, such as these shorts from Boohoo and this crop top from Romwe. Both very good pieces for the warmer whether coming up, plus they also go very well with the patent flats, so overall you are getting your money's worth out of those shoes.

Moving onto what I feel will be in for men this Spring/Summer, I am definitely leaning more towards neutral, basic colours. A lot of the men in my life I tend to find wear more neutral based colour clothing over something bright and bold, therefore keeping in with the hotter months you can't go wrong with a pair of shorts. These ones from Boohoo Man are just perfect, as they'll keep you cool and stylish at the same time. Tie it in with a light-weight shirt like this one from Bonobos, and some cool sunglasses or everyday wearing glasses and you're going to be fit to conquer those clammy days.

What are you leaning more towards this Spring/Summer in terms of your style? Do you like more figure flattering items or more easy-breezy items?

*In Collaboration with Bonobos*
Ingredients: Beeswax, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Glycerin, Hops Extract, D-Panthenol, Cocoa Butter, Rosemary Essential Oil/Extract, Chamomile Essential Oil/Extract (further details)

The cleanse & polish is my no.1 item within my Liz Earle stash. I use it both morning and evening and even when I feel like my skin needs an extra clean from makeup or if I have had a busy day and I can feel my makeup becoming heavy. I love this product so much I even have a stash of mini's I have collected for travelling or for those 'at the point of crying' moments when I've realised I don't have any back-up tubes. It's such a gentle cleanser that I can't find myself living without it. With most other cream cleansers I have tried, I have found they irritate my skin and can sometimes be too heavy against my combination skin. However, if you suffer with acne or problematic skin like me, this cleanser has the right balance of all ingredients to help soothe your skin, fight against spots and plus, it can also work as a makeup remover which is a double bonus for your money!

Ingredients: Geranium Essential Oil, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Propolis, Green Clay, Manuka Honey, White Clay (further details

The next product within my Liz Earle stash that I will likely grab if I find my skin needs some extra help in terms of controlling oil, shine and spots, is the deep cleansing mask. With the mixture of green and white clays these help to draw out impurities and absorb excess oil as well as absorb excess sebum and draw out any embedded impurities. I like to remove this mask with the sponges that are provided with it as I find they are gentle enough to continuously rub over the skin to remove the mask compared to the muslin cloths which can be quite abrasive. When the mask is removed my skin feels a lot tighter, cleaner and smoother as if all my impurities have been drawn out. I will normally use this every couple of weeks to help stop the clogging of my pores from makeup and to stop the build up of other products. 
Gentle Face Exfoliator
Ingredients: Beeswax, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Glycerin, Jojoba Beads, Sweet Almond Oil, D-panthenol, Cocoa Butter (further details)

Between using my beloved face masks, I will occasionally go in with an exfoliator. Due to having acne-prone skin I tend to stay away from exfoliating as much as I can and I do try not to get too attached as I can find that I can overwork my skin and cause it to feel irritated. But when I do choose to use an exfoliator to help get rid of any impurities and dead skin cells, I will grab my gentle face exfoliator. What I like about this exfoliator compared to many others and besides the fact it states its gentle within the title, is that when you're rubbing this into the skin the beads are actually really gentle which I can find with a lot of other exfoliators that they can be abrasive, but once I've rinsed my face and removed all traces of the beads (side note: the beads within this exfoliator can be tedious to remove but will remove eventually) my skin doesn't look irritated which can be a common cause when having acne, but also that it leaves my skin silky smooth and helps let my moisturiser sink in so much better.

Ingredients: Geranium Essential Oil, Glycerin, Comfrey Extract, Borage Oil, West African Shea, D-panthenol (further details)

If I'm not going for my beloved deep treatment mask to help my skin, I will normally grab the intensive nourishing treatment mask. This mask is definitely for those days when your skin is really dry, looks dull and just isn't being as cooperative as you'd like it to be. Unlike other nourishing treatment products I have tried in the past which made my skin even oilier than it normally is, this has helped keep my skin at a good inbetween level of hydrating and oily. Normally when I look at products with the word 'nourishing' on them, to me, this can be daunting especially as they are meant to help boost your skin to stop dryness and with oily skin you can tend to look as tho you've smothered your face in olive oil. However, when my skin is dry and needs a little boost within the hydration department, I will pop this mask on for about 5-10 minutes, chill out and let it work its magic. The outcome? My oily, spotty skin isn't clogged but instead feels smoother, healthier and very hydrated without going over the top.
Let me know what products by Liz Earle are your favourite!
When it comes to my bag I like to keep everything very minimal. Most of the time I will usually leave the house with my keys, phone and purse and not take a bag at all. But on days when I have college or I'm going out with friends or just generally out and about and I need more things, then I will take a bag with me. The bag I've been using recently is this one from ASOS (which unfortunately is not on the website anymore), and what I really like about this bag is the structure of it. I definitely prefer a bag that can hold its shape really well, preferred to a bag that you can mould to your tastes. I just find it less irritating in terms of falling over and it generally looks a lot more appealing.

In terms of what I take with me, in this instance for college, I don't take very much just the bare necessities. So what do I carry with me? Firstly, I have my phone (which I forgot to picture) but it's normally to hand, my car keys (again forgot to picture), my purse which was a recent 21st birthday present, a notepad and some plastic wallets as I am a business student and therefore my assignments are required to be handed in in plastic wallets, the essentials such as tissues, tampons, medicine and blotting tissues, an umbrella as if you live in the UK you can never tell when it will start to rain, my college pass and lastly my handy and trustworthy tangle teezer which I make sure I never leave the house without (yes, I am a compulsive hair brusher - I can't help it!). It doesn't seem much for a busy college day, but I find keeping everything I have down to a bare minimum helps keep me at ease and it also ensures I am able to grab anything quickly if I need it.

What do you take in your bag? Would you like to see what I take in my travel bag?

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by FeelUnique to be apart of their U-Review scheme. This scheme is all about receiving products from their website in exchange for a review. These reviews are too be posted onto the FeelUnique website, but I thought I would also post my review here on my blog as a way to give a better and more detailed insight into what I think about the product and also to help aid those in making their purchasing decisions by linking them back to a more detailed review through the FeelUnique website. All opinions will be my own even though these products have been sent to me for review purposes, there will be no hidden lines at all.

The first product I was sent through the U-Review system was the Salcura Bioskin Adult DermaSerum Daily. This is essentially a face serum developed for adults and children over 12 years old who have ezcema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and dry, itchy skin. It has a naturally effective nutrient rich formulation with a hassle free application, with no added harsh ingredients. It provides rapid itch relief by sinking deeply into the skin in order to nourish the skin cells earlier on in the life cycle, making them more healthier as they begin to reach the surface.
On hearing about this product I was a bit apprehensive as to whether I wanted to give this product a go. I don't suffer with any of the targeted issues it states, however, what I do have is acne. Acne can be related to rosacea, which gave me the last push to give it a try. 

The product came with two items; the daily serum and a little sachet of the Salcura BioSkin Adult Zeoderm Extra as an extra step to help with those drier areas. In conjunction they help moisturise the skin ensuring the growth of healthier skin cells. The BioSkin DermaSerum Daily is the first step to the routine and comes in a hassle free applicator bottle, which allows you to distribute the right amount of product. It has a very strong medical-like scent to it, which on first application can be a little daunting in terms of 'is it going to harm my skin rather than do good?' or 'is this really available to buy to everyone?'. However, I can reassure you once you get over the sheer shock of the strong scent, this serum sinks beautifully into the skin and leaves no redness, stinging sensations or irritation. It works well in conjunction with my cleanser and moisturiser and I find there is no bad interactions between them, but more so it helps in the moisturising of my skin alongside my moisturiser. I also found it doesn't create any excess oil within my pores or flips and makes my skin extra dry. Instead I find it keeps my skin at a good level between the two and after using it for the past 21 days, I can say it has made my makeup application a lot smoother and more flawless. However, if you do suffer with more drier skin, then I would recommend using the extra step with this routine to help target those more stubborn dry patches, which I don't have so didn't find I needed to use this step.
Now, would I recommend this serum to people who suffer with dry skin or maybe acne? Yes.
I found over the course of using this serum that my skin became a lot smoother and that it helped aid the redness left from any spots that I had previously, that had appeared throughout testing this product. I've also noticed that any dry areas around any spots I had has diminished a lot and created a more smoother area to work with in terms of makeup application. Lastly, I've also noticed that the overall appearance of my skin has gotten a lot better and that it has reduced the number of spots I get on a daily basis to practically none, which for me is amazing especially when you are dealing with acne-prone skin. 

Overall, I would rate this product 8/10.

Have you tried this range before? What are your thoughts?


 All custom content can be found at the Sims Resource, Sims4Updates, Deelitefulsimmer & Lilsimsie Tumblr

You can find this build by searching 'pennyaunwin' on the gallery.

On my quest to update my content for the new year, I wanted to introduce more of the other activities I like to do besides talking about makeup and fashion all the time. One of the main activities I like to do through my spare time is play The Sims 4. The Sims to me is the type of game where you can create as many people as you like and just live your alter ego through them. You can go full gothic, to girly, to even being the smartest kid on the block. Trust me, I've done them all. However, one thing I am not good at and am currently building (ha!) on, is my building skills of houses and rooms in general.

Therefore, to kickstart my little showcase of my sims content throughout my blog, I thought I would create a little toddler bedroom. Not the hardest of builds to do, but since toddlers have just been introduced and this is my first time officially playing with them in my game, I wanted to go all out an create an adorable yet fun little bedroom for them to run about in as well as sleep.

The colour scheme I went for, for this particular toddler bedroom was quite a bright neutral tone of oranges and yellow's, but with a hint of pink. I wanted this toddler bedroom to not be your stereotypical pink bedroom, personally because I'm not a big fan of pink but also because the lifestyle I have for this toddler is going to be focused around the cutesy and bright coloured lifestyle. So, as you see, Peach (that is her name), grow up you will be noticing that she will be wearing and styling bold and out there colours, (thanks to the City Living expansion pack), but also because her lifestyle and traits are going to be focused around being clumsy and a little ditsy, even though she is the oldest of the toddlers. 

The objects and overall atmosphere that I wanted to create for this particular toddler bedroom was to focus more around building the thinking and imagination skill for toddlers, that is why I have placed a tipi with a bookshelf beside it, as well as a dollhouse in the middle to help cure boredom but also help with the creative skill that Peach will be going onto as a child to build. Most of the other objects within this build are from the base game in the toddler section, however, the dollhouse cover for the bed is custom content, as well as the tipi, white wardrobe, flower lamp, the little pink dog like doll near the bed and the flower rug.

Did you like this build? What are your thoughts on the recent Toddler update for The Sims?


Recently on my quest to find the perfection moisturiser that balances the oiliness of my skin and the general dry patches I have been getting due to stress, I came across this duo on FeelUnique. This is the Antipodes Moisture Boost Duo. Within this duo travel sized kit you get the Antipodes Divine Face Oil and Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream. Perfect for on-go or even to test out before buying the full sized products.

On first glance I really liked the packaging. It looks fresh, organic and as though it is going to be really good for the skin. Both product packaging are hygienic and controllable to the amount you can get out of them. The oil is your typical serum/facial oil dispenser whilst the moisturiser is a squeezable tube, much like your average toothpaste product. Both easy to handle and mess free.

Antipodes Divine Face Oil: The first step to this duo is the Antipodes Divine Facial Oil. I've tried the Kiehl's Facial Oil in the past and didn't really like it, which kind of put me off the use of facial oils altogether. The antipodes one has a strong herbal like scent to it on application and easily dispenses your desired amount and dries quickly into the skin. It doesn't feel greasy to the touch and works well when combined with my other products.

Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream: The next step to this duo is the Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream. Again, much like the facial oil it has a strong herbal-like scent to it which I found would be the case when comparing it to the packaging, as it screams organic. The product dispenses really easily and feels quite thick to the touch. So even though this states it is a day cream I found it would work more so for the night time, as it is giving it chance to properly sink into the skin. On application I found it sinks really well into the skin and doesn't leave a greasy residue. However, what I did find with this moisturiser compared to my others is that as the hours started to go by my skin became more oilier which doesn't necessarily happen with my other moisturisers. This could be down to it reacting with my general oily skin or because my oily skin is getting too much hydration. Therefore, I would have to gently wipe down my face before going to sleep or applying anything on top, to ensure the oiliness didn't build up, which I found wasn't the case once I gave my face a gentle wipe down. 

Overall, if you are someone in desperate need of hydration for your dry skin or even issues like eczema I would recommend you give this duo a go. If you are like me and suffer with oily acne-prone skin I wouldn't recommend this duo to you, personally. I found it gave my skin too much hydration that the oiliness within my pores became hard to handle. 

Have you given this duo a try or even tried the products separately? What are your thoughts? Did any oily skinned girls out there have the same results with the moisturiser?

The theme is purple! The other day whilst rummaging through my endless amount of bath products (I have enough that I could make my own little shop - yes it is that bad, whoops!) I started noticing a running theme - purple! Most of the products I had collected had a running theme of purple, whether it was the packaging or the actual product itself. I don't know why this is and I can confirm that purple isn't one of my favourite colours to date, either. This then gave me an idea to focus a post around all of my purple products, because at the end of the day I have these products for a reason, because I love them, of course. I could have thrown them into a generic favourites post, but I thought why not shake it up a bit. 

So here is my kind of revamped January Favourites - do let me know down below if this is something you enjoy to see because I'm sure I have more running colour themes within my endless collection of beauty products or even fashion favourites. 
First up within my selection of purple products is the Laura Mercier translucent loose powder. That is a mouthful to say. This is relatively new within my makeup collection as I received it at Christmas after eyeing it up for quite a while, and after noticing my makeup becoming crap within a couple of hours I knew I had to invest in some sort of powder. So my option of choice was the Laura Mercier powder. I've seen a few YouTubers using this and noticed how amazing it looked and how well it lasted. I'm not a big fan of pressed powders as I feel with the compact-ness of them it doesn't work well in conjunction with my skin. But after testing and experimenting with this beauty (I use my beauty blender for reference) I can confirm this is a firm favourite!

Next up, is the Morrisons own Bath Soak in Lavender and Camomile Extracts. I have never been a fan of the scent of lavender and whilst some people found it relaxing, I found it to be a headache in itself. Don't ask me why, but I feel as a kid you don't really like anything besides really sweet smells which is probably why I was never drawn to the scent. However, within the past couple of months there has just been something about lavender that has made me want to buy more and more of it. This is where this bath soak came into. I enjoy a good bubble bath as much as the next person, whether it is boiling hot outside or freezing cold. I also really enjoy Morrison's own products, as they are cheap and pretty much resemble that of a higher end product. Combine these together and you have a subtle scented bath with cheap relaxing properties. Also, combine this with the following product by Imperial Leathers; the love story pampering bath cream in pearl rose and forget-me-not and you have the ultimate pamper night, as not only are they both relaxing scents but the love story bath soak also turns your water purple, win-win.
You can probably already guess at this point now besides having a love for purple it seems - I also have a love for Imperial Leathers. I've raved about them before in numerous posts but they are just the perfect brand at getting the mixture between relaxation and indulgent just right. But you are also probably wondering why I have featured two of the same products, right? Well.. they are both the same in terms of colour and packaging, but this time we have a body wash. This is the Imperial Leather Funfair Nostalgia Revitalising Body Wash in pink peony and raspberry. This one also smells as divine as the bath soak, but what I like to do mostly with this body wash is combine it with the love story bath soak. As previously mentioned about them basically being twins, they both act as counterparts to each other. They mix well in terms of scents and leave a really nice indulgent scent on the skin. They create amazing bubbles together and as also previously mentioned make your bath water turn into a beautiful deep purple colour.
Lastly, and coming away from the bath products and jumping into the haircare department, we have the Aussie Repair Miracle shampoo & conditioner. Aussie are well-known for their 3 minute masks (which might I add work amazingly) but this time I wanted to give their shampoos and conditioners a try. I picked up the shampoo and conditioner from the repair line as I feel with constantly straightening my hair I always want my other hair products to work in healing my hair in some sort. Some extra steps at ensuring my hair stays healthy if you will. They smell of watermelon, which I personally do not like. They are of a somewhat cream to thick consistency but lather really well as much as a gel like shampoo would. Combine both of these with the 3 minute miracle treatment and you have a 3-step routine which will put you on the road to smoother and healthier hair.

What do you find you use mostly within your beauty stash? Is it more product based or colour based?


Over the past couple of months I have pretty much been making last minute plans to stay over night at my boyfriend or friends houses. These types of plans are always fun and exciting until you realise you don't have anything with you and you have college or plans the next day. No clothes, makeup, skincare... nada. Now, this may seem like a trivial type of situation to everyone else, but I am the type of person who will wake up with hair like I've been dragged through a bush and with skin that is prone to acne, I always have to make sure that I keep up with my skincare. I don't mind occasionally going out looking somewhat semi-decent, but most of the time I do feel much better when I am put together.

So, at Christmas came the perfect time to put this little stress of mine into a more peaceful situation, all thanks to my wonderful friend Laura-Jade. She kindly bought me as a Christmas present a Radley wallet and inside she had stuffed it with everything a girl would need for last minute planning. 

These essentials are the bare basics for any last minute plans, and I will note now that I forgot to include my cleanser which would be the trusty Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, they are amazing at including samples with their purchases so I have enough of these babies to keep me going for now, so if you do have a chance at grabbing any samples I would recommend doing so, as they come in handy for times like this! But now onto what I would pack for those last minute plans...

First up is a shampoo and conditioner. I've never tried Shu Uemura products before so I will be giving a review of this little sample sometime soon on my blog. But what I do know is, I can't live without washing my hair. I wash my hair almost 5 out of the 7 days a week, which isn't healthy but I have to keep up with those oily roots! So, if I feel like my hair is lacking lustre and volume to somewhat be deemed appropriate for the outside world, then a quick hop in the shower or bath and I am pretty much good to go.

Next up I would pack some form of a moisturiser. Cleansing and moisturising are two steps I would recommend you do the most out of the rest of your skincare routine, as not only is cleansing your skin a way of getting rid of the dirt in your pores but once the dirt has gone, you are then feeding your skin the vital nutrients it needs to stay hydrated. This Bioderma one I have packed is an intensive purifying care moisturiser great for acne-prone skin, which I have. So not only am I caring for my skin, but also helping it fight against my acne.

Next is, perfume. I don't know if anyone else feels the same as me, but if I can't smell some form of nice scent coming off myself I instantly feel sweaty an dirty. So whether it is a deodorant or perfume, I always have to take one with me everywhere I go. My perfume of choice this time is the Prada Candy perfume. This is a new find but when I first smelt it, I was in love. I'm very picky with my scents, but this one definitely sits at the top of my list with my beloved Carolina Herrera 212 VIP perfume.

Adding to my addiction with my hair and ensuring it looks its best at all times, is a trusty hair oil. I'm not one for being fussy in terms of hair treatments, but even my smallest of hair treatments is too big to fit within this tiny wallet, so of course I had to improvise. But what is great about this hair oil, is that even though it is a hair oil, it can also be used on your body and face. So, if like me and you forget your cleanser, having products which cater to more than one need such as this oil from Decleor are great for packing on the go. It saves space and most of all it ensures you aren't carrying too much you forget what you need.

Finally we have an oil blotting stick from benefit. If you are an oily/combination skinned gal like me than you are aware that you tend to go oily throughout the day after a couple of hours. Without room to pack your favourite loose or compact powder, blotting sheets or even blotting sticks like this one are perfect for on the go. Compact but enough product to last you a while, so again, in case of emergencies if you forget your cleanser like me, this is the perfect product for diminishing the shine on your skin whilst on the go to ensure your skin looks more refreshed.

What would you pack for last minute plans that you know you can't go home for? Any other products you would include?

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